Whozoo tips #12 - Will I get to approve the sales details before the agent puts it on the market?

Published: 09/01/2024

In many cases, commercial estate agents provide property owners with a draft copy of the marketing details for their review and approval before officially launching the property on the open market. This step allows property owners to ensure that the marketing materials accurately represent the property and align with their preferences. Here's what you can typically expect in the process:

Draft Marketing Details:
•The estate agent will create draft marketing details that include key information about the commercial property. This may include property features, specifications, photographs, floor plans, location details, and any other relevant information. 

Review and Approval:
•Once the draft is prepared, the estate agent may share it with you for your review and approval. This gives you the opportunity to provide feedback, make corrections, or suggest any changes before the marketing materials are finalized.

Communication with the Agent:
•It's important to maintain open communication with your estate agent during this phase. If there are specific elements you want to highlight or if you have preferences regarding the presentation of certain information, communicate this to the agent.

Alignment with Property's Image:
•Check whether the draft marketing details align with the image you want to convey for your property. The marketing materials should reflect the property's strengths and unique selling points to attract potential buyers or tenants.

Accuracy of Information:
•Verify the accuracy of all information presented in the marketing materials, including property specifications, features, and any legal or zoning details. Ensuring accuracy is crucial to building trust with potential buyers or tenants.

Finalization and Launch:
•After your review and any necessary revisions, the estate agent will finalize the marketing details. Once approved, the property will be officially launched on the open market, making it visible to a wider audience of potential buyers or tenants.

Ongoing Communication:
•Throughout the marketing period, maintain regular communication with your estate agent. This includes updates on the marketing progress, feedback from potential buyers or tenants, and any adjustments that may be needed during the sales or leasing process.

Keep in mind that communication and collaboration with your estate agent are essential for a successful marketing campaign. If the agent does not automatically provide you with a draft copy, feel free to request one to ensure that you are comfortable with how your property is being presented to the market. Additionally, discuss any specific marketing strategies or channels you would like the agent to focus on to enhance the property's visibility and attract the right audience.