Whozoo tips #23 - I am looking to sell my commercial property, should I instruct one or two agents?

Published: 25/01/2024

Deciding whether to instruct one or two commercial estate agents to sell your property depends on various factors, and both options have their pros and cons. Here are some considerations to help you make an informed decision:

Instructing One Agent:


•By instructing one agent, you can grant them exclusivity to market and sell your property within a specified period. This exclusivity can motivate the agent to invest time and resources into a comprehensive marketing strategy.

Focused Marketing Efforts:
•A single agent may be more focused on your property, dedicating their resources and efforts to create a tailored marketing plan. This can lead to a more cohesive and targeted approach.

Simplicity in Communication: 
Dealing with one agent simplifies communication and coordination. You have a single point of contact, making the process more straightforward.


Limited Exposure: 
•Restricting the sale to one agent may limit the exposure of your property in the market. If the agent's network and marketing reach are not extensive, it could take longer to find a suitable buyer.

Risk of Ineffective Marketing: 
•If the agent's marketing strategies or efforts are not effective, there may be a longer time on the market with limited visibility.

Instructing Two Agents (Multiple Agency)


Increased Exposure: 
•Engaging multiple agents can increase the exposure of your property in the market. Different agents may have different networks and marketing approaches, broadening the pool of potential buyers.

Competitive Edge: 
•Agents may be motivated to outperform each other, leading to more proactive marketing and negotiation efforts. This competitive dynamic could benefit you as the property owner.

Diverse Marketing Strategies: 
Each agent may bring unique marketing strategies to the table, providing a more diverse and comprehensive approach to promoting your property.


Coordination Challenges: 
Working with multiple agents can introduce coordination challenges. Ensuring consistent communication and avoiding conflicts between agents is important.

Potential for Confusion:
•Having your property listed by multiple agents may lead to confusion among potential buyers, especially if they receive conflicting information from different sources.

Commission Considerations:
•If your property is sold through one of the agents, you may be required to pay commissions to both agents, depending on the terms of the agreements. This could impact your overall costs.

Factors to Consider:

Property Type and Location: 
•Consider the type and location of your commercial property. In some cases, a single well-connected local agent may be sufficient, while in other situations, broader exposure through multiple agents may be beneficial.

Agent's Track Record:
•Evaluate the track record and reputation of the agents you are considering. A highly experienced and successful agent may inspire confidence in their ability to market and sell your property effectively.

Marketing Plans: 
Discuss the marketing plans proposed by the agents. Whether you choose one or two agents, it's essential that their strategies align with your goals and expectations.

Terms and Agreements:
•Review the terms and conditions of the agency agreements carefully. Understand any exclusivity periods, commission structures, and termination clauses.Ultimately, the decision to instruct one or two agents depends on your specific circumstances, goals, and preferences. It may be beneficial to interview and compare agents, discuss their proposed strategies, and assess their track record before making a decision.

Additionally, seek legal advice to understand the implications of the chosen approach and ensure that the terms of the agency agreements are clear and fair.