Whozoo Tips #9 I own a commercial property, can I list straight on a portal?

Published: 12/12/2023

As an owner can I list straight onto the portals?

Owners can list their properties directly on commercial property portals without the need for a commercial agent.

Commercial property portals often provide a user-friendly interface that allows property owners to create listings, upload property details, and specify relevant information such as size, location, features, and pricing.

Listing a property directly on a portal can be a cost-effective and efficient way for owners to market their commercial spaces. However, the decision to use a commercial agent or list the property independently depends on various factors:

Expertise: Commercial agents bring expertise in marketing, negotiating, and closing deals. If the owner lacks experience in these areas, hiring a commercial agent could be beneficial.

Time and Effort: Managing property listings and inquiries can be time-consuming. Owners who prefer a more hands-off approach may choose to enlist the services of a commercial agent to handle these aspects.

Networking: Commercial agents often have an established network of contacts in the industry. This network can be valuable for connecting with potential buyers or tenants.

Negotiation Skills: Negotiating the terms of a commercial property deal requires skill and experience. Owners who are not comfortable negotiating may benefit from the expertise of a commercial agent.

Local Market Knowledge: Commercial agents are often well-versed in local market conditions, trends, and property values. This knowledge can help in pricing the property competitively and navigating market dynamics.

While listing directly on a portal provides owners with control and cost savings, engaging a commercial agent can offer additional support and expertise throughout the sales or leasing process. Some property owners may choose to use a hybrid approach, listing on portals while also working with a commercial agent for specific services.

Ultimately, the decision depends on the owner's goals, preferences, and level of comfort with managing the various aspects of the commercial property transaction process.