New breed of expert commercial agents

Published: 20/06/2022

Whozoo, the UK's first hybrid commercial estate agency, has launched with the aim of disrupting the industry and empowering a new breed of expert commercial agents. Founded by Tom Castro, former director of City & Counties Commercial, Whozoo's hybrid model connects agents with clients looking to buy, sell or develop commercial property. The company is specifically targeting the SME commercial and development market, a sector often overlooked by traditional estate agencies.

Whozoo's approach is to offer better training, support and incentivisation, and to embrace digital innovation to create a new generation of expert agents. The company is actively recruiting agents in the East Midlands, offering up to 70% commission to those who come on board.

According to Castro, there is a huge untapped potential in the low to mid-market, where there are many empty shops, boarded up buildings and a distinct lack of good quality agents available to deal with them. Whozoo aims to fill this gap, by embracing the digital revolution and giving talented agents greater freedom and flexibility, while also helping them to earn significantly more money.

Whozoo's hybrid model offers a bridge between full employment and running your own business. Agents have the freedom to operate however they choose, the potential to earn good money and the full-time support of experienced research, marketing and operations teams.

Castro is excited to launch Whozoo and believes that with the company's approach, a new breed of expert commercial agents will emerge, transforming the sector and empowering agents to have successful careers on their own terms.

The company's focus on the SME commercial and development market, along with its commitment to digital innovation and offering better training and support, is a refreshing approach in an industry that has often been slow to change. As Whozoo continues to grow and disrupt the industry, it will be interesting to see how traditional estate agencies respond and whether they too will embrace digital innovation and a more flexible approach to empowering their agents.