What Did You Unlearn Recently..

Published: 31/10/2023

As the Whozoo financial year draws to a close on October 31st, we are happy to report that it has been exceptionally successful. Although the journey hasn't always been smooth, we now know a great deal more about the market and its intermediaries than we did this time last year.

It undoubtedly had its share of difficulties and shortfalls, but those have all served to give us a more distinct picture of what lies ahead. The future, which we believe holds even more promise.

It is crucial to look back on the past and consider what went well, what didn't work out, what we learned, and what we unlearned in order to create that promising future for Whozoo.

Why Unlearn?

In our relentless pursuit of knowledge and personal growth, we often focus on learning, doing, and becoming more. But what about the value of unlearning?

Lately, we, at Whozoo, have been pondering the significance of shedding old beliefs, habits, and perspectives to make space for new growth. In a world that's constantly evolving, unlearning can be just as important as learning.
Unlearning is not about erasing what we know. It's about reevaluating, reimagining, and expanding our horizons.

When we unlearn, we open ourselves to innovation, adaptability, and a richer understanding of the world. It's like decluttering your mental space, making room for fresh insights and creativity to flourish. It's about asking ourselves the tough questions:

  • What outdated beliefs or biases may be limiting my potential?

  • How can I embrace new technologies and methodologies without being tethered to the old ways?

  • Am I open to diverse viewpoints, or am I holding onto a singular perspective?                                    

The Learning-Unlearning Loop

Learning and unlearning are not opposing forces but two sides of the same coin. They form a continuous loop that propels personal and professional growth.

Through self-reflection, we can recognize the areas in which unlearning is necessary. This may be re-evaluating career choices, adjusting management styles, or adapting to market shifts. It's an ongoing process.

What did you unlearn recently?

Let me begin with what we, at Whozoo, unlearned and learned recently:

  1. The market will react to you on its own. No, it will not. The market is moving just as quickly as we do, and it always will. Getting caught up in the "catching up with the market" cycle is risky.

  2. The real estate industry relies less on data-driven decision-making because it is an intangible market. Any industry relies heavily on data; the real estate sector is no exception. Data serves as a backup and justifies your decisions.

  3. Lead handling is restricted to the agents, and as we grow, leads will inevitably flow into the business. Rather, the opposite is true. There is no such thing as a "cold lead" or a "hot lead," and as we attract leads, our company will grow. Leads are out there, waiting for us to go find them before they come to us. All leads are equally important and need to be handled appropriately by the head office and the agents.

  4. The key to large revenue is not acquiring agents, but rather supporting agents. Every agent is unique, has advantages and disadvantages of their own, and needs a customised approach rather than a generic one.

So, I'm curious - what have you unlearned lately? Maybe it was a belief about your industry, a mindset that was holding you back, or a practice that no longer served you.

Written by Armaan Angrish - Head of Lead Generation